• Malt and adjunct milling including 2-roller mills, 4-roller mills with intermediate sieves and 6-roller mills with automating gap setting and intermediate sieves
  • Malt storage, including square and round US- Manufactured silos
    •       Malt intake, both pneumatic and mechanical reception systems
  • Specialty malt handling including super sack stations and bag dump
  • Malt cleaning with flat screens and de-stoners
  • In-line weighing and scales
  • Conveyor equipment including tubular chain conveyors, screw conveyors, chain conveyors and pneumatic transport systems
  • Customs grist bins
  • Controls and automation
  • Aspiration systems for dust control
  • Explosion protection and safety
  • Spent grain silos and conveying equipment
  • Turnkey solutions, service and support

Grist Mills

  • During the milling process, the malt is crushed and prepared for mashing - the first step of the brewing process - the most important requirements being:
    •       Crushing the grain to the desired particle sizes
    •       Securing constantly low proportion of flour
    •       Maximum protection of husk structure
    •       The possibility of husk separation
    •       Adaption to varying malt quantities
  • 2 Roller Mill - Pub Breweries and pilot plants
  • Künzel Mills excel by their outstanding compliance with the technological requirements and for their extremely low operation costs, such as reduced power consumption, a long operating life of the rollers, the serviceability and an extremely long service life of the complete system.
  • Mills for Rice, Corn and other grains available
  • Hammer Mills

2-Roller Mill
Pub Breweries and pilot plants

  • Crushes grain to the desired particle size
  • Malted Barley-specific roller fluting
  • Compact, easy plug-in system

4-Roller Mill
Mid-sized breweries

  • Crushes grain to the desired particle size and adapts to varying malt qualities
  • Allows for intermediate sieving for improved grist profile
  • Easy and accurate adjustable with roller gap setting
  • Sample port for continued grist evaluation

6-Roller Mill
Larger and regional breweries

  • Allows for maximum protection of husk structure and possibility of husk separation
  • Automatic gap setting and two intermediate sieve sets for improved grist profile

Malt Silos

  • Bulk malt storage silos can be a huge savings on raw material cost
  • Both Round and square silo designs are available
  • Custom capacity, color, and dimensions to meet individual needs


  • 25,000 – 130,000lb capacity
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom logo/decal


  • Compact design; require less floor space than round silos
  • Facade can be easily varied to match brewery architecture
  • Useful for large quantities of multiple types of malt and grain

Cleaning and Weighing

  • Malt cleaning separates out unwanted material from grain, which protects down stream equipment and beer quality
  • Accurate weighing of raw material is critical for recipe management and tracking of raw material usage


  • Separates small stones that are the same size as kernels
  • Protects and extends the life of the mill rollers
  • Easily adjustable for different malt densities

Flat Screen

  • Separation of course and fine particles from product
  • High efficiency in small dimensions
  • Dust free performance


  • In-line mechanical & electrical dump scales
  • Load cells for silos, grist bins, and super sacks stations
  • Scales can be integrated into process automation


  • All types and capacities of conveyors available (pipe chain & disc, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, drag chain conveyors, flex augers)
  • The proper conveyance for each application to find the most effective, economical, and gentle solution for the grain
  • Pneumatic conveyance also available upon request

Pipe Chain and Disk

  • Runs both vertically and horizontally. Directional changes with short radius 90° bends.
  • Three different models for various capacities: (100, 280, 565 ft3/hr)
  • Fully enclosed to prevent release of dust
  • Long lasting and low maintenance

Bucket Elevators

  • Used for vertical conveying of grain
  • Available in several standard dimensions for a wide capacity range
  • Mechanical anti-reverse lock, belt speed monitoring, and belt alignment control for safety

Screw Conveyors

  • Traditional screw conveyors for transport of short distances
  • Flex augers for an economical transport over longer runs
  • Feed can be carried horizontally or up to a 60° angle vertically.

Specialty Grain Handling and Grist Bins

  • The addition of specialty grains are an important part of any recipe; from specialty malts to adjuncts such as oats and rye
  • Whether in 50 lb bags or 2,000 lb super sacks, added before or after milling. Custom grist bins for any recipe size

Bag Dump

  • Ergonomic design for easy and safe addition of 50 lb bags
  • Hooded design to minimize release of dust to the room
  • Local spot filters available for an even greater reduction of dust

Super Sack Station

  • Available with either forklift loaded or electric hoist loaded designs
  • Adjustable heights for different size super sacks
  • Accurate dosing control when incorporated with a Loss In Weight system

Grist Bin

  • For large breweries making multiple brews per day to smaller breweries doing a single batch, a grist bin provides better control over the system and allows for smaller capacity upstream equipment which saves costs
  • Custom sizes and designs to meet your specific brewery needs, including platforms to mount your mill directly above

Spent Grain Handling

  • Dealing with spent grains can be messy, labor intensive, and create odor issues
  • Let us help you improve your brewery operations
  • Spent grain systems from unloading of the lauter tun, to storage silos, to discharging into the truck
  • Silos

    • Stainless steel or epoxy coated carbon steel silos sized for your specific capacity needs
    • Designed for discharge augers or direct loading drive-thru structures
    • Accessories such as level sensors, spray balls for tank cleaning, line cleaning ball catchers, and local control panels

    Discharge Augers

    • Capacities from 1,100 to 1,980 lbs/min
    • Two lengths available based on your site needs
    • Sloped design with drain port and an actuated outlet slide gate for complete shut off to prevent leakage

    Wet Grain Movers

    • Both pneumatic or progressive cavity style pumps available
    • We can provide a dedicated blower for the pneumatic pumps so your main compressed air system is not impacted
    • Pneumatic systems are designed to be flushed with a cleaning ball to prevent line freezing in winter and odor issues in the summer caused by wet grains remaining in the pipeline