During the milling process, the malt is crushed and prepared for mashing – the first step of the brewing process – the most important requirements being:

  1. Crushing the grain to the desired particle sizes
  2. Securing constantly low proportion of flour
  3. Maximum protection of husk structure
  4. The possibility of husk separation
  5. Adaption to varying malt quantities

Künzel mills excel by their outstanding compliance with the technological requirements and for their extremely low operation costs, such as reduced power consumption, a long operating life of the rollers, the serviceability and an extremely long service life of the complete system.

2-Roller Mill – Pub Breweries and pilot plants
  • Crushes grain to the desired particle size
  • Malted Barley-specific roller fluting
  • Compact, easy plug-in system
4-Roller Mill – Mid-sized breweries
  • Crushes grain to the desired particle size and adapts to varying malt qualities
  • Allows for intermediate sieving for improved grist profile
  • Easy and accurate adjustable with roller gap setting
  • Sample port for continued grist evaluation
6-Roller Mill – Larger and regional breweries
  • Allows for maximum protection of husk structure and possibility of husk separation
  • Automatic gap setting and two intermediate sieve sets for improved grist profile

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