Specialty Grain Handling & Grist Bins

Adding specialty grains is an important part of any recipe, from specialty malts to adjuncts, such as oats and rye. And whether the recipe calls for 50-lb bags or 2,000-lb super sacks, added before or after milling, we work with custom grist bins for any recipe size.

Bag Dump
  • Ergonomic design for easy and safe addition of 50 lb bags.
  • Hooded design to minimize release of dust to the room.
  • Local spot filters available for an even greater reduction of dust.
Super Sack Station
  • Available with either forklift loaded or electric hoist loaded designs.
  • Adjustable heights for different size super sacks.
  • Accurate dosing control when incorporated with a Loss In Weight system.
Grist Bin
  • For large breweries making multiple brews per day to smaller breweries doing a single batch, a grist bin provides better control over the system and allows for smaller capacity upstream equipment which saves costs.
  • Custom sizes and designs to meet your specific brewery needs, including platforms to mount your mill directly above.

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